LECCO CAMPUS 2th - 07th JULY, 2021

Summer school 2021

Fibre reinforced concrete – Material characterization and structure design

in collaboration with
CTE – Collegio dei Tecnici della IndustrializzazioneEdilizia
FIB– International Federation for Structural Concrete

Summer School Lecturers

Marco di Prisco
Professor of Structural Design at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Main research interests: constitutive modeling of advanced cement-based materials, reinforcement-concrete interaction mecha-nisms, sustainable design of new and existing r/c and p/c structural elements, prefabricated structures, structural response at exceptional loads. Series Editor of Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering for Springer-Nature, Presidium member of fib, member of ACI, RILEM, Coordinator of the Committee for MC2020 chapters on FRC, he is currently convener of the Commission TC250/SC2/Wg1/TG2 to introduce FRC in EC2

Terje Kanstad
Professor at the Department of Structural Engineering at NTNU, Trondheim University. His research and teaching concerns structural design of buildings and bridges, FRC,
Early age concrete crack assessment, F.E.analysis with focus on time-dependent
structural systems and material behavior. Deteriorated structures and related
design methods. He is member of fib TG 8.3 FRC, Fib TG 8.8: Structural
properties of flowable concrete, CEN/TC 250/SC 2/WG 1/ (Revision of Eurocode
2), TG 7 Time dependent effects, CEN/TC 250/SC 2/WG 1/ (Revision of Eurocode
2), TG 2 Fibre reinforced concrete, Norwegian Concrete Association committee
for fibre concrete (chairman)

Barzin Mobasher
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering,, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University.Main research interests: Constitutive modeling of materials, fracture mechanics, non-destructive testing techniques, experimental stress analysis, biomechanics, composite materials, chemical and mechanical properties of concrete.. He is member of  ACI, and in particular of Committees 446 – Fracture Mechanics, Secretary, 544 – Fiber reinforced Concrete, 549 – Thin section products, 440 – Fiber reinforced plastic Reinforcement

Joost Walraven is Prof. Em. of Concrete and Concrete Structures, Department of Structural Engineering, Delft University of Technology,The Netherlands. Main research interests: high performance concrete types and their applications, like self-compacting concrete, ultra high performance fibre concrete and ecoconcrete, design of precast concrete structures, shear and punching resistance of concrete structures, residual bearing capacity of existing concrete structures. Convenor of fib Task Group TG 8.6 “Ultra High Performance Fibre Concrete”, Convenor of Working Group SAG7-B “Assessment of existing structures”, President of fib 2000-2002

Steffen Grünewald, Professor at Ghent University (BE) and Senior Consultant at Grunewald R&D Consulting; courses in concrete technology and concrete structures. Main interests: concrete components, mix design, rheology, execution, structural design and numerical simulations related to high performance (fibre) concretes and composites, advanced concrete technology, alternative binder systems and process optimization. Convenor fib TG 4.3 ‘Structural design with flowable concrete’; member RILEM TC 266-MRP ‘Measuring rheological properties of cement-based materials’. Extended industry experience in prefabrication, production with ready-mix concrete and R&D



Summer school Programme



  • Fibre reinforced concrete materials: introduction (Prof. Walraven)
  • Fibre reinforced concrete properties at fresh and hardened states (Prof. Mobasher)
  • Mechanical characterization and classification of fibre reinforced materials (Prof. Kanstad)


  • Creep and shrinkage (Prof. Mobasher)
  • UHPFRC for architectural design(Prof. Walraven)


  • Structure design approach according to Eurocode 2010 (Prof. Kanstad)
  • Case studies: reliability of predictive models (Prof. di Prisco)

  • FRC as a sustainable material(Prof. Mobasher)
  • Structural applications in Civil Engineering (Prof. Walraven)



  • Properties of Ultra High Performance concrete and their characterization (Prof. Grünewald)
  • Modeling and reliability (Prof. di Prisco)
  • SFRC models for design of structural elements (Prof. Mobasher)
  • Use of fibre reinforced concrete in soil structure interactions (Prof. Walraven)


  • Design of advanced applications (Prof. Grünewald)

    11:00-12:30 Design of FRC in Italy (Prof. di Prisco)

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