8th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials ICSHM

Milano | 20-22 June 2022

8th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials ICSHM

The conference is the eighth of a successful series encompassing all classes of self-healing materials, which gathered researchers from all around the world steering research in the emergent field of self-healing. A broad spectrum of industries is impacted and represented by the field including aerospace, automotive, transportation, microelectronics, architecture, civil engineering and construction, electronics, medicine. previous editions were held in Yokohama (Japan, 2019), Friedrichshafen (Germany, 2017), Durham, (USA, 2015), Gent (Belgium, 2013), Bath (UK, 2011), Chicago (USA, 2009), Noordwijk aan Zee (Netherlands, 2007).

Conference topics

The conference aims to collect and to disseminate the latest results of the multidisciplinary international research on selfhealing materials. The conference topics will include (not an exhaustive list):

  • self-healing materials: cementitious, polymers, ceramic and metals, composite materials;
  • self-healing coatings and paints – self-healing materials for functional applications (including self-sensing);
  • self-healing triggering mechanisms, including physical, chemical, other types;
  • self-healing technologies: mineral admixtures, capsules, functionalized fibers/aggregates, shape-memory polymers /alloys, bacteria, vascular systems;
  • bio-inspired materials – characterization methods for self-healing;
  • numerical modelling of self-healing processes;
  • durability and long-term performance of self-healing materials and artefacts;
  • real scale application, scaling-up and commercialization issues;
  • life cycle analysis/societal impact of self-healing materials;

Mixed interdisciplinary keynote lectures providing a state of the art overview on horizontal topics delivered by international leaders in R&D on the conference topics will open each conference day. Poster presentations for PhD student projects will be organized with a prize for best paper and presentation.

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8th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials ICSHM

Milano, 20-22 Giugno

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